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73 High Street
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We aim to inspire children to read and have even more fun with books.

We have lots of ideas, fun activities and a book ladder challenge for you to enjoy.  All for free!

We love book swaps and have free materials for you to use and some top tips to hep organise your own.

We also have a shop full of lovely goods to help inspire children and aid their development. 

Prenderland Books is live!

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Prenderland Books is live!

April Prendergast

We are very excited that our website is now up and running for everyone to enjoy. We hope you have lots of fun exploring Prenderland!  We thought this would be a great time to share with you the reasons we decided to create Prenderland Books and what we hope it will achieve.

Why have we created Prenderland Books?

We love reading books with our little girl and her friends, we love playing book related games and we love sharing books we have enjoyed with others.  We have created this website to share this enthusiasm with as many people as possible.

A few months ago we were tidying our daughter's bookshelf.  Even at 22 months old she already has lots of wonderful books...... but there are so many other books that we would love to read with her too.  It made us think about Book Swaps as they provide the perfect opportunity for children to pass on books they love to others and in turn go home with others to enjoy.  We started to think about how we could make it easier for people to organise Book Swaps and different ways in which they could be held.  We then wanted to share these ideas with as many people as we could and we really hope you enjoy our page about Book Swaps.

We also wanted to share some fun activities we have created, as well as our ideas for how to have even more fun with books and decided a website was the best way to do this.

Whilst we were developing the website we came up with the idea of a Prenderland Book Ladder Challenge.  This is a fun challenge where children read books, write book reviews, climb rungs on a book ladder and are awarded a well-deserved certificate.  Who doesn't love a certificate which they can be incredibly proud of?

Where did the idea for Prenderland and the PrenderPals come from?

We wanted something that was unique and very personal to us.  We decided to use our surname, Prendergast, as the inspiration for the magical land.  We wanted the main character to be a parrot as they are famous for repeating things and we truly believe that repetition is a great way for children to learn.  So, given our love for alliteration and as we often get referred to by our friends as Prenders and Mini Prenders - Prenders the Parrot was born!  If you look at his character profile you will see that his birthday is 22 March.  This is, by no coincidence, our wedding anniversary!

The PrenderPals are all inspired by children we love dearly.  Rosie is our lovely daughter; Wilbo (William), Ted and Oscar are our wonderful nephews; Clara and Jemima are our beautiful goddaughters, and Gabriel is our awesome godson.

What is coming next to Prenderland?

We have lots more fun ideas for Prenderland and will keep adding activities for you all to enjoy.  We also hope to show you, through some stories of our own, that learning really can be lots of fun.

What do we hope Prenderland will achieve?

We hope to inspire children to get as much enjoyment out of reading as possible.  We also hope to encourage parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends to share amazing book related experiences with children, to make it even more fun.

Thank you

We wanted to say a huge thank you to all our friends and family who have been so supportive of this project, we couldn't have done it without you.

Special thanks to our wonderful illustrator Carole Chevalier, for the beautiful illustrations, and to our magical beardy wizard Jason Roberts, for developing the website.  You have both been amazing and truly are a dream team!

Thank you also to you, the visitors to our site.  We hope you have enjoyed your time in Prenderland and that you come back soon.

Have fun with books!!

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