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Book Review - Daddy Do My Hair? Beth's Twists by Tol Okogwu

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Book Review - Daddy Do My Hair? Beth's Twists by Tol Okogwu

April Prendergast

We were delighted when we were asked to review Daddy Do My Hair? Beth's Twists by Tola Okogwu.

This book is about...

Daddy Do My Hair is a lovely rhyming story about a wonderful relationship between a Dad and Daughter.  They enjoy extra special time together on Sunday evenings when Beth's Daddy does her hair.

They laugh, sing and tell stories to one another whilst Beth's Daddy makes her hair look even more beautiful.

Daddy Do My Hair 1


We like this book because...

This book serves as an important reminder that special times and fun can be had when doing what may seem like the most routine of tasks.  It is incredibly important for us all to make time for each other and to make special memories with children that we love.

Spending just five or ten minutes a day talking, laughing and telling stories really can make such a difference.  A difference not only to the relationship we have with the children but also to their learning and development. 


Daddy Do My Hair? 2


The illustrations are lovely and the book is incredibly calming.  Perfect as a bedtime story.

Rosie's favourite part is...

Rosie loves the part where Beth and her Daddy are choosing which of the pretty clips he will put in her hair.

She said to me "Mummy, I got a good idea.  You teach Daddy how to do my hair and then me and Daddy do our hair together.  But Mummy,  Daddy no need clips in his hair.  He not got enough hair, I think I just brush his."

It's lovely that this story has inspired Rosie to spend some special time with her Daddy whilst they do their hair together.  Just leaves me with the tricky part of teaching Daddy how to do hair!




If you would like your own copy...

If you like the sound of "Daddy Do My Hair? Beth's Twists" and would like your own copy, it is available on amazon.  You can also find about more about the book on the Daddy Do My Hair website.

In the spirit of sharing books we are also going to be giving away our copy of this book on our Instagram page (@prenderlandbooks).  To be in with a chance of winning it just follow our instagram page and keep your eye out for the giveaway.

Thank you for reading our review!