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Book Review - Ohhh, My Strawberry Monkey by Allan Thompson

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Book Review - Ohhh, My Strawberry Monkey by Allan Thompson

April Prendergast

We were really pleased when we were asked to review Ohhh, My Strawberry Monkey by Allan Thompson.

This book is about...

Two lovely friends, Strawberry Monkey and Betty Giraffe, who have wonderful adventures together and are always there to help each other.  In this story Strawberry Monkey is having so much fun in the sun that he ends up getting very red.  Betty Giraffe helps to teach him the very important lesson that he must always remember to wear suncream when out in the sunshine.




We like this book because...

This book is perfect for teaching children the importance of wearing suncream when playing outside whilst also being a fun book for them to enjoy listening to and interacting with.  The illustrations are bright and colourful and the language used  is easy for children to understand.  it is a fun book that portrays an important message in a way that children will be able to relate to.

Our little girl has never been a fan of having suncream put on and we used to have to rely on an episode of Peppa Pig to remind her how important it is to wear suncream,  We're so pleased that we now also have this story to help her understand the importance of wearing it.




One of my favourite pages is the one filled with question marks.  I think it is a clever idea to include this in a children's book as it prompts the adult and the child to really think about what might come next in the story.  I am often guilty of rushing through books, especially at bedtime, but this serves as a great reminder that it is important to pause along the way, ask questions and use your imagination.

Rosie said...

So here is proof that we write honest reviews on here - please read to the end of this section!  When I asked my 3 year old daughter Rosie what she thought of the book she said "I no like it!" (Please keep reading!)

I was surprised at her response as she had been listening intently all the way through and had been chatting to me about what Strawberry Monkey was getting up to with Betty Giraffe.  So I needed to dig deeper,

When I asked her why she didn't like it she took the book off me and turned to the page where Strawberry Monkey was bright red.  She then said "I no like it cos it not nice for him to be burnt.  He look in pain and it make me sad."

So, it isn't that she doesn't like the book, as she has asked for us to read it together numerous times since, it is that she didn't like that Starwberry Monkey got sun burnt.  Which is great because she is now keener than ever to wear suncream and even suggested the other week that she might get snow sun burnt and should she wear some for playing in the snow!




If you would like your own copy...

If you like the sound of "Ohhh, My Strawberry Monkey" and would like your own copy, it is available on amazon .  It is also available on the My Strawberry Monkey website together with lots of FREE and FUN activities.  Head over and have some fun!

In the spirit of sharing books we are also going to be giving away five copies of this book on our Instagram page (@prenderlandbooks).  To be in with a chance of winning one just follow our instagram page and keep your eye out for the giveaway.

Thank you for reading our review!