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Book Review - Vivi The Spanish Superdog by Genevieve Yusuf

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Book Review - Vivi The Spanish Superdog by Genevieve Yusuf

April Prendergast

We were delighed when we were asked to review Vivi The Spanish SuperDog by, fellow #SBS Winner, Genevieve Yusuf of Jajaja Books.

This book is about...

This is a very clever book written in English with Spanish woven into the story and is a great way for children to learn languages.

Vivi is a Spanish dog who is resuced by a little girl named Eliana and taken to England.  Vivi is no ordinary dog... she is in fact a SUPERDOG! She doesn't know how she has become so super, she just knows that she is.

Eliana loves her Vivi mucho but she has no idea that her Spanish dog gets up to adventures whilst she sleeps.


Cover pic.jpg


We like this book because...

It is a great way to introduce Spanish to little ones in a fun and easy way.  There are only a few Spanish words throughout the book which are easy to understand and simple for children to repeat.

It is also a lovely tale of a little girl who loves her dog so much even though she has no idea a SUPERDOG.  Vivi has great adventures and in this story helps a friend who gets themselves into a bit of trouble.




The glossary at the back of the book is also really useful for double-checking what the Spanish words mean.  It can also be used to revisit the words with children once you have read through the story to help reinforce their learning.

Rosie (aged 3) said...

"Mummy, I really like this book and I think he is a very clever and kind doggy.  I never met a dog before that can speak Spanish - actualy I never met a dog before that can speak!"

"Mummy, I think next time we read it, I do the Spanish and you do the English - I think that be a good idea."



If you would like your own copy...

If you like the sound of "Vivi The Spanish Superdog" and would like your own copy, it is available on amazon

There are other lovely books by Jajaja Books on there too which we think you'll like.

Thank you for reading our review!