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We aim to inspire children to read and have even more fun with books.

We have lots of ideas, fun activities and a book ladder challenge for you to enjoy.  All for free!

We love book swaps and have free materials for you to use and some top tips to hep organise your own.

We also have a shop full of lovely goods to help inspire children and aid their development. 

Fun With Books

Fun With Books

Books are interesting, and so much fun. They can take you on journeys to magical places and teach you amazing new things! But can you have even more fun with books? Of course!

You could act out a scene from an exciting book, or draw a character you read about in a book, or even write your own ending for a book! Below you'll see a whole selection of categories, each one with some fun ideas or even games to play, all based around your favourite books! 

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Act It Out

You could act out scenes from some of your favourite books using different voices for each of the characters, to really bring them to life. Perhaps ask your friends and family to play some of the roles and you could even dress up to look like the characters. You could put on a show in your house and pretend you are performing on stage at the theatre.

Make Music

You could make up a song or rap about your favourite book. Or just use a song you already know and have fun fitting the words to it. Making music is so enjoyable and you might be surprised how easily you can remember the words from a book when you sing or rap them instead of just saying them. Perhaps your friends and family could be your backing singers, play along on an instrument or be your dancers.

Be an Illustrator

The wonderful illustrations that you see in books really help to bring the characters and the story to life. So let your imagination run free and try drawing some fabulous illustrations of your own. You could pick one of your favourite books and draw some brand new pictures to share with your friends and family.

If you would like to do some colouring in to get you started we would love you to use our colouring sheets. You can download a colouring sheet with the buttons below.

Please ensure you have read our Reprint Policy and then have lots of fun colouring in.

Make Paper Chain Characters

You may have made paper dolls before at school or with your family, but have you ever thought about making other paper chain characters. You could make paper Gruffalos, paper Angelina Ballerinas or paper Harry Potters. Ask an adult to help you make the paper chain and then have lots of fun colouring it in.

Alternative Endings

You probably know how all of your favourite books end, but what if they ended differently? What if this wasn’t where their journey ended? What if another character suddenly appeared? You could invent your own endings and write them down or tell them to your friends and family. You never know, they might prefer your ending to the one in the book!

Tongue Twisters

Saying tongue twisters over and over again as fast as you can, will often lead to lots of laughter. You could make up tongue twisters based on your favourite characters and see if your friends and family are able to master them. For example, Shaun the Sheep Slept Soundly under Six Silky Sheets or Postman Pat Passed Pigeons whilst Posting People’s Packages.

Let's Bake

Most people love eating tasty treats, so why not make some biscuits or cakes based on characters from your favourite books? You could ask an adult to help you with the baking and then you could have lots of fun decorating them. Once they’re ready to eat you could share them with your friends and family and tell them all about the story and characters they are based on. Perhaps you will inspire them to read the book too!


Memory Games

Developing your memory is incredibly important and there are lots of fun ways to do it. You could ask your friends and family to test your memory after you have read one of your favourite books. They could ask you questions like, “What colour socks was the rabbit wearing?” “How many ducks were swimming on the pond?” “Which room was the clock in?” The more you do it, the better you’ll get and you will hopefully find remembering other things easier too.

You could also have some fun playing our Pairs Memory Game. Just click the button below.

Please ensure you have read our Reprint Policy and then enjoy playing our memory game.

Sensory Games

You could choose some items from your favourite books, for example if you read Helen Stephen’s “How to Hide a Lion” you could pick a toothbrush, a leaf, a plaster, a crayon, a soft toy rabbit, and a hat. Ask an adult if they would help you find these items around the house and then put them all in a bag. See if your friends and family can guess what the items are just by feeling them inside the bag. When they get one right you can take it out of the bag and tell them how it fits into the story.

You could then play a memory game with the items. Place all the items on the floor and ask your friends and family to remember them. Then ask them to close their eyes and whilst they aren’t watching take away one of the items and put it in your bag. Tell everyone to open their eyes and ask them which item is missing. You could really test their memory by also asking them how it fitted into the story. Then put the item back on the floor and do it all over again, this time taking away a different item.

Word Searches

If you enjoy word searches, you could try making your own using words and characters from your favourite books. You could do this by drawing out a grid, writing in words that you want people to find and then filling up the grid with random letters so that the words are hidden. Remember to keep a list of the words you have hidden so that your friends and family know which words to search for. Alternatively there are lots of websites you can use to create word searches. Just ask an adult to help you and then have fun watching people try to find all the hidden words. Perhaps they could have a race to see who can complete it the quickest.

To inspire you, we have created some word searches of our own. See how fast you can complete them.

Days Of The Week Solution        Faces Solution        
Months and Seasons Solution        Planets Solution        
Prenderland Solution        Rainbows Solution
Shapes Solution        Weather Solution

Please ensure you have read our Reprint Policy and then have a great time completing the word searches.